Atlanta Hawks NBA Basketball History – Eastern Conference Southeast

Atlanta Hawks NBA Basketball History – Eastern Conference Southeast

Playing out of The Phillips Area in Atlanta Georgia, The Atlanta Hawks are an NBA Basketball team playing out of the Eastern Conference Southeast division. The Hawks are a team that has played their home games out of many different cities throughout the years.

Although The Hawks play their home games out of Atlanta, their roots can be tracked by to Buffalo NY in the mid 1940’s. The team was called The Buffalo Bison’s and played in Buffalo as a member of the National League for a few games.

After only thirteen games, The Atlanta Hawks moved away from New York and went to Moline, Illinois. The Tri-City Blackhawks was what the team was known as before they joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) during the merger in 1951. After they joined the NBA they moved once again to Milwaukee. This is when the team became The Milwaukee Hawks.

After that many moves in such a small period of time, wouldn’t you think after joining the NBA they would stay put? I would, however they moved once again, this time it was to St. Louis. They Hawks were a successful team in St Louis. They won their only NBA Basketball championship during those years.

The Season of 1969, you can bet that the Hawks moved once again. This was their final move to date, which was to Atlanta Georgia. The Hawks have a record not winning the NBA Basketball title for over fifty years. The only team that has a worse record is the Sacramento Kings.

Despite the teams loosing history, the team had some stellar NBA basketball players such as Doc Rivers, Kevin Willis, and Al Horford, Dominique Wilkins. These players were traded to the Hawks it was in the 1980’s, however even with All Star players they have failed to win the title playing home games out of Atlanta Georgia.

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