Basketball Betting – Do Free Agent Deals Like Dwight Howard’s Change Balance of Power?

If you are sitting in front of the interface at VietBet and have the NBA futures before you, you are perhaps wondering where your basketball betting dollar should go after the recent deal made by the Houston Rockets to sign center Dwight Howard to a four-year, $88 million contact, thus weakening the Los Angeles Lakers, who are perceived to be a playoff rival, and thwarting efforts by clubs like the Dallas Mavericks to make a bold move in the Western Conference.

While the signing of Howard shook up the NBA, it didn’t exactly shock the league, since it was known that the Rockets had a lot of cap room and they were intensely interested in Howard.

Does this deal make the Rockets an automatic contender? They are currently listed at +1200 in VietBet’s basketball betting to win the NBA title. No one can deny that there is an interesting collection of young players on hand, and adding James Harden and Jeremy Lin to the mix gave them a nice foundation, from which they built a 45-37 record and made the playoffs as the #8 West seed.

But although we know Howard does a nice job for fantasy basketball teams (he averages 18 points and 13 rebounds for his career), what can he do to transform a team for real? It is well-known that with the Lakers, there were problems sharing the lane with Pau; Gasol and sharing the spotlight with Kobe Bryant. So even despite a fast finish, the team was actually tied with the Rockets in the standings.

It was no secret that things got logistically a little more difficult for Howard once Mike D’Antoni was named head coach of the Lakers, because he wanted to employ a more up-tempo style and Howard, despite his obvious athleticism, isn’t the best guy when it comes to getting up and down the court. Such a thing is mandatory for any pivot man if he is going to play on D’Antoni’s offense.

Howard’s dissatisfaction with running in that offensive approach was one of the reasons he left the Lakers (who are +3500 at VietBet to win the championship) and is suiting up for the Rockets, but the problem is that Houston ran more than any team in the NBA last year and Kevin McHale would have to drastically tone down the offense to accommodate a guy like Howard.
For all that money that’s spent, he probably will.

D’Antoni, when asked by the Los Angeles Daily News, says that Howard may be trying too hard to be something he isn’t. “He wants to dominate a different way, in the low post and all that,” he says. “But he needs to get better there, and he will. But his greatness is in defense and being a physical force. I think he’d be better served if he embraces that.”

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VietBet customers who follow the NBA closely also know that Howard can be a divisive and troublemaking force. There is almost universal opinion that he got coach Stan Van Gundy fired in Orlando, and may have also tried to do the same in Los Angeles with D’Antoni, although that was not going to happen because he is a favorite of Bryant’s.

If we are operating on the assumption that chemistry is a key factor in a winning basketball team, both on the court and off, we probably shouldn’t jump the gun on whether this can take Houston to the promised land.

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