Brooklyn Nets NBA Basketball History – Eastern Conference Atlantic

Betting On The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have just finished their first season playing out of the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. There has been a ton of changes in the team recently such as Jason Kidd as the new head Coach and acquiring Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Jason Kidd was a stellar player for The Nets when they were based out of New Jersey. This will be Kidd’s first coaching season and I think it is a safe bet on The Brooklyn Nets because Kidd has the experience.

The Brooklyn Nets were established in 1968 and played in New Jersey however moved to Long Island New York. When they first played in Long Island they played impeccable basketball. Julius Erving was a very important played on The Nets. During the late 1960’s and the 1970’s they won two American Basketball Association championships.

When The American Basketball Association (ABA) merged with the National Basketball Association (NBA) The Nets moved back to the Garden State. 1977 was The Nets first year playing basketball in the NBA in New Jersey
The Nets looked to have a good start in the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s. The team fell on some hard times in the late 1980’s. Many of their players were injured which made it very difficult to play good basketball.

The Nets had Reggie Miller who was one of their star players moving into the 1990’s. Things began to look upward for Brooklyn Nets however they did not play as expected. When the late 1990’s came around it seems like this NBA Basketball betting team did some extraordinary marketing. They planned on having some very good seasons. In the early 2000’s Jason Kidd came on board. The Nets played excellent with Kidd.

Many NBA Basketball fans speculate different reasons why the Nets moved to New York. You can bet that Brooklyn had been looking for a sports team for a while. The Brooklyn Dodgers were their last team and there were many people pushing for a New York team. Last season the people betting on the fact that the Nets would come to New York were right. The Barclay Center was built. Entrepreneur Sean Carter otherwise known as Jay Z took a large part in helping the NBA Basketball team move to Brooklyn.

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