Can The Brooklyn Nets Contain The Los Angeles Clippers?

If you’re a basketball bettor, you probably know the Brooklyn nets recent games have been a huge disappointment. A team with over $100 million dollars in payroll plus should be doing much better than this. On December 12th, 2013 the Los Angeles Clippers will Play The Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays center in tonight’s NBA Betting action. Many fans feels it promises to be a tug of war between teams that where expected to compete for the championship.

Live NBA Betting Lines

The Moneyline opened up with The Los Angeles Clippers as the -132 favorites according to  best USA Online Sportsbooks. As far as the spread is concerned, The Live NBA Betting Lines are telling us that The Clippers are currently laying two points on The Nets. The Over/Under Bettors are looking at the total currently listed at 197.

Brooklyn Nets Recent Performance

Nets new coach Jason Kidd can be excused for the poor play of his team, as the injury to Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett and other top players in the last few weeks contributed to the multitudes of early losses. Thursday game will be different, as the Brooklyn Nets now have all there superstars back, and the team appears to be jelling at the right time with way they dispatched the Boston Celtics recently.

Los Angeles Clippers Recent Performance

Los Angeles Clippers on the other hand, have a better record, but they’re still learning the defensive schemes of their new coach Doc Rivers. Both teams have won two straight games, and the importance of this game to both teams cannot be understated. Will Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul and other team members start playing defense like Doc Rivers wants, or will they fall back to the old ways of only good offense? This game will confirm certain facts about both teams.

How The Brooklyn Nets matchup with The Los Angeles Clippers

When I look closely at both teams’ stats, they’re evenly matched in every position, except I will give an edge to LA Clippers in the point guard position. I will certainly give an edge to the Brooklyn nets in the center position, as Brooks Lopez is truly surprising everyone with his all-star play. Not that DeAndre Jordan cannot keep up with Lopez, but he’s notorious for his inconsistence play sometimes in the scoring dept.

For coaching comparison, the edge certainly goes to Doc Rivers, as Jason Kidd is still in his first year. While both coaches have championship rings, one as a player and the other as a coach, the key to winning this game will boil down to which team plays intense defense throughout the four quarters of NBA basketball.

The Nets are certainly pumped to prove the critics wrong that have written their early obituary stats wise. They have all their stars back; the Barclays arena would be packed as the game is already sold out. The noise level would be out of this world, and the Los Angeles Clippers would be lucky to escape with a win.

We all know the Los Angeles Clippers will Play The Brooklyn Nets hard for the whole 48 minutes, but the key thing to watch out for is the individual plays of key players for both teams. It’s about time Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce suck it to their old coach. The first meeting between both teams resulted in the Clippers winning by about 7 points. That game cannot be used as a barometer for this game, as the Brooklyn nets where missing four starters and still only lost by seven points. I expect this game to be intense, and full of basketball drama. Expect hard fouls, and amazing shots from all angles. Everyone is primed for this game, especially Brooklyn Nets fans. It’s about time; both teams lived up to the early season hype. What do you think would happen in tonight’s NBA Betting action? Free Pick- Brooklyn Nets

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