Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball History – Eastern Conference Central

Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball History – Eastern Conference Central

When most people think of the Chicago Bulls one player instantly comes to mind, Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is an excellent Athlete and helped the Bulls become the dynamic team that they were.
The Chicago Bulls were first Established in 1966, and unlike many other expansion teams they were extremely successful. They have the record for the best first season for an expansion time, The Bulls came out very strong in 1966. In the Bulls second season they set a NBA Basketball record of 57-25 for the 1967-68 NBA season.

Because of the impeccable success Michael Jordan had, many NBA Basketball betting fans do not know the member of the Bulls in the 1970’s. Some of the players that contributed to the Bulls success include but are not limited to Tom Boerwinkle, Jerry Sloan, Clifford Ray , Bob Love, Chet Walker, and Norm Van Lier.

In the 1975 NBA season The Chicago Bulls had their first appearance in the conference the Golden State Warriors however defeated finals. They owner continued to Bet On The Chicago Bulls by acquiring more stellar players. During The early 1980’s the Bulls made some good trades and some bad ones.

During The Years of 1984- 1998 The Chicago Bulls boasted Michael Jordan as their star. Debatably the best NBA Basketball player to ever live, Jordan led his team to success with the help of other dynamic players such as Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

After Michael Jordan was done playing basketball The Bulls had some very hard years. The late 1990’s and early 2000’s were very touch for the Bulls, as they did not play good basketball. Finally in the mid 2000’s The Bulls made it back to the playoffs, but never played like they did with Michael Jordan.

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