Denver Nuggets NBA Basketball History – Western Conference Northwest

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Playing out of the Western Conference Northwest, The Denver Nuggets staring playing basketball out of American Basketball Association. When the team was first established in 1967, they were called the Denver Larks. James Trindle was the original owner of The Denver team and wanted to start them off in Kansas City however he could not find a suitable place for his team to play their home games.

After speaking with the commissioner, James Trindle decided to put a big bet on the Denver Nuggets by moving his team to Denver Colorado. The team is said to have not been funded well and needed capital. Bill Ringsby bet on the Nuggets by purchasing the majority or the teams. He renamed the team The Denver Rockets.

In the early 1970’s the Rockets played their home games out of Denver Auditorium Area and was getting very popular. The team had made it to the playoffs but did not get a chance at the title In the mid 1970’s Denver had exchanged hands once again, Frank Goldberg purchased the team and changed their name to the Denver Nuggets. In 1976 The Denver Nuggets merged into the NBA along with The Nets, Spurs, and Pacers.

The first season the Nuggets were allowed to play in the NBA was season of 1978-79 due to legalities. Doug Moe was the head coach when they began to play and had a philosophy, which he called The “Motion Offense”. The purpose of his technique was to continue to pass the ball until a player was open had a easy bet to score. The concept made sense on paper however looked like it lacked defensive strategy. This strategy did work because the Nuggets were able to score over 100 points per game.

Using this strategy the Nuggets were at the number one spot of The Midwest Division. They were able to make it to the NBA finals in 1085 when they faced the infamous Los Angeles Lakers but The Nuggets were defeated. The Nuggets move on and had more successful seasons and boasted a winning record for a few years.

When the 1990’s came around The Nuggets began to play poor basketball, the team was sold in the late 1980s and the style the Nuggets were used to playing changed. They were playing a “run and gun” strategy. This strategy focused even less on defense than the “Motion Offense”. This strategy proved to be a failed and many NBA Basketball Betting Experts called the team The “Enver Nuggets” which suggested that the teams good days were over.

Although the team was unable to play well in the early 1990’s they made a very smart trade and had Dikembe Mutombo play for them. He had a very successful first year and was named the runner up for Rookie of the Year. Despite his excellent basketball skills, the Nuggets still had a loosing record.

In the mid 1990’s The Nuggets made their way into the playoffs. They made it through the first series however were defeated in the secord series. The Nuggets were on a good run until the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s. This was not a good time for sports bettors to bet on the Denver Nuggets( Unless they were betting the Over/Under).

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