Golden State Warriors NBA Basketball History – Western Conference Pacific

Established in Philadelphia in 1946, The Golden State Warriors were first known as The Philadelphia Warriors. The Warriors were a successful team from the beginning. The owners of the team Peter Tyrrell and Steven Kim also owned a hockey team In Philadelphia.

The Warriors Beginning Years

Peter Tyrrell and Steven Kim put a big bet on the Warriors by hiring Eddie Gottlieb as the General managers and coach. Gottlieb was a basketball promoter with a plethora of experience in Philadelphia. The Warriors were victorious in winning the Championship when they played in the Basketball Association of America in 1956.

Some of the popular basketball players during that time were Paul Arizin, Tom Gola, and Neil Johnston. These players went on to make the NBA Basketball Hall of Fame. Eventually The Warriors played their home games out of Hersey Pennsylvania before they moved out West.

The Warriors In The 1960′s

During The early 1960’s Franklin Mieuli bet on the Warriors by purchasing the majority of the shares of the Warriors. It turned out to be a good bet, The Team moved out to San Francisco and were renamed The San Francisco Warriors. The team played their home games out of several different places when they first arrived in California.

Some of the places The Warriors played home basketball games were The Cow Palace, The San Francisco Auditorium, Oakland, and San Jose. In the mid 1960’s the Warriors were victorious in winning the Western Conference title.

The Official Golden State Warriors


During The 1960’s there were many changes such as several trades. They also changed associations and became member of the American Basketball Association and began to play their home games out of the Oakland Coliseum Area.

In the early 1970’s the basketball team was renamed to the Golden State Warriors and played the majority of their home games out of Oakland California. They still played some home games in San Francisco from time to time.


The NBA Betting fans that wagered on The Golden State Warriors in the mid 1970’s made some real money. From 1971-1977 The Warriors made the NBA Playoffs consistently. Some of the super star players during this period were Rick Barry, Jamaal Wilkes, and Phil Smith. When looked into the Warriors performance in the 1980’s we saw a downturn. They once Golden team and turned bronze.

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