NBA Betting at Get That Bet – Heat Can’t Afford Another Malfunction in Game 2

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The air conditioning at the AT&T Center failed on Thursday night. After that, the Miami Heat failed.

There is nothing by now that is a secret about what happened to Miami in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. It was so hot in the arena that night that it got to superstar LeBron James, who has had problems cramping up in the past and did so again in the second half. Even though everyone was able to handle the conditions, James continued to have problems until he finally got out of the game with four minutes to go. That’s when things got a lot easier for the San Antonio Spurs, as many NBA bettors observed.

They outscored Miami 16-3 down the stretch, but that was just part of a larger performance in the fourth quarter that nearly defied description. The Spurs outscored the Heat 36-17 in the quarter, and with James clearly not at full strength, even when he was in the game, the defense suffered as well. San Antonio made all six of its three-point attempts, and also outscored Miami 14-6 in the paint during the final twelve minutes. The Spurs were not mistake-free by any means (they had 23 turnovers, in fact), but their ball movement was problematic for the Heat defense, and there was no way to stop Tim Duncan, who was almost merciful in the sense that he only shot ten times. Of course, he made nine of those shots, and well, maybe if the Spurs hadn’t made thirteen triples, he may have taken more advantage of having people in the middle who could not handle him.

So there are a lot of things to work on for the Heat, aside from getting LeBron a little rehabilitation. In the NBA betting odds for Game 2, as posted at Get That Bet, San Antonio is favored:

San Antonio Spurs -4
Miami Heat +4

Over 198.5 Points -110
Under 198.5 Points -110

The LeBron story didn’t stop when the final buzzer sounded. One of the more bizarre parts of it was a maneuver by Gatorade, a direct competitor of the product James endorses (Powerade), which made sure it got the message out in the social media that its athletes didn’t cramp up. There are plenty of LeBron-haters that made themselves heard, and there has also been some murmuring out of players who thought that James should have sucked it up. It was almost reminiscent of Wilt Chamberlain’s exit from Game 7 of the NBA Finals in 1969, when he sat out the last six minutes with an injury that some, including Bill Russell, referred to as dubious.

Another thing that had some NBA bettors scratching their heads was that one of the players who would normally be expected to get physical with Duncan did not see any action at all. Udonis Haslem, who has started some games in the playoffs, sat the bench the entire game on Thursday, and that has to be considered a somewhat questionable decision by Erik Spoelstra.

One has to respect the fact that Miami is very resilient when it comes to bouncing back from defeat, winning twelve straight playoff games that have followed a loss. But nothing is automatic.

Get That Bet customers know that Miami cannot allow San Antonio to shoot 59% again; that’s for sure. They will have to shut either the inside or outside game down, because if you let this team spread the floor they are just too good. If LeBron can come back close to full strength, he is not only going to supply the offensive punch he usually does, but also someone who guards every position. But what will be the effects of what happened in Game 1? He had to take extensive fluids intravenously and suffered from lack of rest, at least on Friday. How much has been taken out of this guy?

Is that the key question here? Sure it is, because no matter how much you want to talk about the “Big Three,” Thursday night’s game illustrated that it really comes down to the “Big ONE.”

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