Los Angeles Clippers NBA Basketball History – Western Conference Pacific

Los Angeles Clippers NBA Basketball History – Western Conference Pacific

The Los Angeles Clippers have roots all the way back to the East Coast In Buffalo NY. During the NBA Basketball seasons of 1970-1978 The Clippers were known as The Buffalo Braves. The Clippers (or Buffalo Braves) moved to San Diego and then finally landed in Los Angeles where they play their home basketball games from now.

The Clippers play out of The Staples Center, which they share, with the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Sparks (WNBA), and The Los Angeles Kings Of The National Association of Hockey. When many NBA Basketball betting fans think of the Clippers history they do not look favorable on it. The Clippers had many loosing seasons. The think that most Clippers fans dislike it that NBA Basketball betting fans generally compare The Clippers to The Lakers. The Lakers have always been far superior team in the eyes of a seasoned NBA Basketball Betting expert.

When The Clippers played their first NBA Basketball season in San Diego they did well, they posted a 43-39 record, which left them only a little shy of a NBA Basketball Playoff spot. The Owners put a very big bet on The Los Angeles Clippers by acquiring Bill Walton. Bill Walton was a seasoned NBA Basketball player. It would have been a very good bet if he were not injured during his first season. Bill Walton missed the majority of the season, which left The Clippers in disarray.

Donald Sterling bet on The Los Angeles Clippers by moving them to Los Angeles where they would have much more fans. When The Clippers began to play out of Los Angeles they did have the stadium packed with more NBA Basketball betting fans however it did not last long. Throughout the 1980’s The Clippers failed to play good basketball and had several loosing seasons.

Once the 1989-1990 NBA Basketball season came around The Clippers began to make some very good trades, one with The Cavaliers. Ron Harper began to play for the Clippers as well as Danny Manning. This proved to be a good move as the Clippers saw their first playoff appearance in the early 1990’s

In the last 1990 The Los Angeles Clippers acquired Lamar Odom. Odom was from Los Angeles and had the support of several NBA Basketball Hall of fame members to help him and the team succeed. Even with all of the help, The Clippers ended the season with the worst NBA Basketball record.

From The NBA Basketball Betting Seasons of 2001-2005 The Clippers began to focus more on rebuilding. They bet on some new players as well as some seasoned ones. By the time the season of 2004-2005 came around, The Clippers came close to making The NBA Playoffs. Recently The Clippers won the division championship. With help from new NBA Basketball players Blake Griffin and Chris Paul the people who bet on NBA Basketball are looking favorably on the Clippers.

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