NBA Odds at Get That Bet — It’s Now or Never in What May Be Swan Song For Heat’s “Big Three”

Any of the shortcomings the Miami Heat may have had have been exploited in the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Imagine this, Get That Bet patrons – had San Antonio not missed four crucial free throws in a row following a flagrant foul by Dwyane Wade in Game 2 about halfway through the final quarter, we may have seen a four-game sweep. As it is, it has been one narrow victory for Miami and three absolute romps for San Antonio as we come into a Game 5 scenario in which the Spurs can send the Heat packing in rather unceremonious fashion.

NBA betting action will get underway at 8 PM Eastern time at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, and after the last couple of games, in which San Antonio literally took Miami to school at the American Airlines Arena, one has to wonder if there is way too much of a gap between these two teams right now for Miami to close it with just one day of preparation time.

Certainly Miami has to re-think what they have been doing defensively; in the last two games San Antonio has shot 59% and 57%, respectively. The Heat cannot afford to overplay any member of the Spurs, or they will get burned by someone else. This has marked a decided difference between the squads, as Lebron James has pretty much taken things into his own hands for Miami and not left a lot of room for his teammates. On the other hand, maybe none of these teammates is capable of dealing with the Spurs on either end of the court.

In the NBA odds that have been posted on this game by the people at Get That Bet. the Spurs are favorites to come away with the world title tonight:

San Antonio Spurs -6
MiamI Heat +6

Over 195.5 Points -110
Under 195.5 Points -110

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra says that he is going to “look under the hood” in order to find out what is wrong with his club. He better be a master mechanic, because his team was outplayed in every conceivable way on Thursday night. San Antonio had a 44-27 rebounding edge, and one of its players, Kawai Leonard, had five offensive rebounds, which was only one less than the Heat had in the entire game. Some of this contributed to the 46-30 advantage in terms of points in the paint, but if you really want to see the difference between these two clubs, look at the disparity in assists, were San Antonio had a 25-13 edge. Get That Bet customers know that it has been a very rare occasion when Miami has had to encounter such cohesion and ball movement. In short, the Heat has not encountered many real TEAMS before.

This is not to disparage what they have done in the past; indeed, Miami (now a +1000 underdog in the NBA odds to win the series) has won back-to-back world championships, and deservedly so. But there comes a time in any “dynasty” (a vastly overused word, of course) when it is simply over. Miami has looked like a very worn-out team, lacking intensity on the defensive end for certain. They have lost the last two games by a combined 40 points, and that has not happened to a team in the NBA Finals since 1977. San Antonio has had at least a 25-point lead in each of the last two contests, and even though Miami made an effort to chip away at it, they had dug just too big a hole for themselves. Thursday’s 107-86 victory marked the eleventh time in the playoffs that the Spurs had won a game by 15 points or more.

Maybe that’s not so amazing to some people. But even those who are hardest to impress have to admit they didn’t believe the Spurs could do that to the Heat THREE times.

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