NBA Odds — Is the All-Star Game Worth Betting On?


When we ask a question like that of NBA bettors, were really not kidding around. What is a better betting proposition – a game where you know both teams will be focused, and you can somehow evaluate the motivation of each side, since such a contest impacts where the respective teams are in the standings right now and where they are going to be at the end of the year, or an exhibition where everybody is running up and down the court showing you their best behind-the-back pass or slam dunk?

That’s about what it looks like for the 63rd edition of the NBA All-Star game, which will begin around 8 PM Eastern time in New Orleans. We don’t want to completely cast this game aside, because we know that there are a number of interesting props you can bet on. But totals fluctuate wildly, and oddsmakers have reacted to the point where they have begun to set these totals very high. Only a couple years ago the game topped 300 points, so you know that the half of the game that involves defense is totally discarded.

Here are the NBA odds that are posted on this game at BetAnySports:

NBA odds Courtesy of BetAnySports

West All-Stars -3.5
East All-Stars +3.5

Over 291 points -110
Under 291 points -110

There are some people who come with the opinion that the Eastern Conference All-Stars will be a little bit angry or, because they take so much criticism throughout the year for having a bunch of lousy teams when you get past the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. They have Frank Vogel at the helm, and that would normally mean this team would at least be thinking about guarding the opponent, which might in turn affect a totals play in the NBA betting lines. We don’t know if that’s going to be what takes place. There are three members of the two-time defending champion Heat, and that of course includes LeBron James, but one of these guys – guard Dwyane Wade – is probably going to play limited minutes in his 10th All-Star appearance because of a foot injury. The East is not have the size of the West, although it does have a very capable shot blocker in Roy Hibbert, who is the tallest player in this game at 7′ 2″.

We anticipate that the East is probably going to try to get an edge in quickness here, because they trot out a much smaller lineup. Whereas the West has a legitimate power forward duo of Kevin Love and Blake Griffin, the East will be starting three small forwards across the front line – Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and James. There are first-timers like John Wall, DeMar DeRozan and Paul Millsap coming off the bench, and we don’t know that Joe Johnson is in the best of shape, as he has been hampered with injuries lately that have affected his production for the Brooklyn Nets.

We talk about the East’s chances of winning because we know that is going to impact James’ chances of winning the Most Valuable Player in this game, and he is listed as the favorite at BetAnySports at +300. The next guy on the list, as you might have guessed, is Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City, who is priced at +375. It is quite likely that every other player on the court understands that this is a showcase for these two players especially.

Here is the head-to-head prop between James and Durant covering who will score more points in this game:

Kevin Durant -3.5 -110
LeBron James +3.5 -120
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This is a challenging prop, but we are going to side with James here. It is our opinion that he is going to try to take as much of the scoring burden into his own hands as possible, and if he is able to do it with a team like the Miami Heat, where he exists alongside fellow “Big Three” members like Wade and Chris Bosh, he can do it here. There is some scoring off the East bench, but we wouldn’t call it overly explosive; with folks like Hibbert and Joakim Noah, as well as Paul Millsap, you will probably get a lot of defense and rebounding. The first-time guys might be a little too shy in their All-Star debut to try and hog the spotlight from King James. That’s just our guess.

If you think you have a more educated guess, join up at BetAnySports and become an All-Star yourself.


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