Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Basketball History – Western Conference Northwest

Formally known as The Seattle SuperSonics, The Oklahoma City Thunder play out of the Chesapeake Energy Arena. The SuperSonics were established in 1967, they played out of the Chesapeake Energy Arena which was known as The Ford Center at the time. The Thunder are a member of the Western Conference Northwest and are currently the sole professional sports team located in Oklahoma.

The Beginning Of The Oklahoma City Thunder

In 2008 The Seattle SuperSonics who are owned by Clay Bennett moved to Oklahoma. The reason many people think that they left Seattle is because of a dispute between Clay Bennett and the law. However, The SuperSonics played good basketball in Seattle and in twenty-two instances qualified for the NBA Betting Playoffs.

Once the team move to Oklahoma it did not take long for the team to be victorious, they qualified for the NBA Basketball playoffs in the season of 2009-2010. The Thunder continued their good momentum by claiming the division title in 2010-2011 season, which allowed them to play in the NBA Basketball Finals. This was the fourth time since the late 90’s that they played for the title.


Clay Bennett took over the SuperSonics 2006, which he purchased for three hundred million dollars. They franchise made their announcement that they were moving to Oklahoma City in 2007, once the lease that SuperSonics had with the Keyarena ended. However, Bennett allegedly went to court and tried to break the lease prior to its expiration in an attempt to move the team quicker.Read about the best NBA Betting Sites For US Players.

The alleged agreement was that the team would pay the City of Seattle a fee of thirty million dollars to break the lease and forty five million dollars to the KeyArena. However the alleged agreement said that Bennett could not use the Supersonics name of colors in Oklahoma or any city for that matter. This proved not to be a problem as The Oklahoma Thunder began to play some good NBA Basketball quickly. The talk in the town suggests that the name “Thunder” came from the frequent thunderstorms in Oklahoma.

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