NBA Betting Playoff Odds -Bulls Try to Make Adjustments Against Surprising Wizards

John Wall Washington Wizards 2014
The Washington Wizards were, at times, a thing of beauty in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference playoff series against the Chicago Bulls. It was not so unexpected that they would be somewhat formidable on the road – after all, they went into the game with a 26-15 mark against the NBA betting odds when they were the visitor. And they can demonstrate a balanced lineup, which makes it a little more difficult for the Bulls’ defense to defend. And there is no better way to combat a team that wants to control the pace than to bring a point guard who is super-quick when it comes to bringing the ball down the floor, as they do with John Wall.

However, with Wall having on “off” game in the opener, the Wizards were able to turn to veteran backup Andre Miller and got ten big points out of him. This team really showed some heart in coming back from 13 points down in Game 1. No one should make any mistake about it; the Bulls have their work cut out for them, on both ends of the floor, if they are going to even up this series before it moves to the nation’s capital.

In the NBA betting odds that have been posted on this game by the people at Get That Bet, the Bulls are favored:

NBA betting odds courtesy Get That Bet USA Sportsbook

Chicago Bulls -5

Washington Wizards +5

Over 180 points -110

Under 180 points -110

What may have surprised some folks about the Wizards is that they can play some defense. But they have people who can get the job done, particularly on the front line. Trevor Ariza is as demon at the small forward spot, and if you talk to NBA bettors they will tell you that Nene Hilario, known to many simply as “Nene,” is really the catalyst as far as keeping teams off the scoreboard and providing the defensive energy. When he injured his knee, it was pointed out to Get That Bet customers that this team won at a rate that was more than reasonable with Nene in the lineup, and lost without him.

After coming back from the injury, Nene was limited in terms of his minutes. So that is always going to be a concern. But in Game 1 he did indeed extend himself for 35 minutes, more than any game since February 11. And he was outstanding, with 24 points, eight rebounds and three assists. And combined with Marcin Gortat, the former Orlando and Phoenix center who has really emerged with the Wizards, these guys can slug it out with Joakim Noah underneath. Basketball bettors also know that when Carlos Boozer is in the game, Chicago is handicapped at that power forward from a defensive standpoint.

We don’t want to disqualify Tom Thibodeau from being able to put together something in the way of a defensive game plan to deal with a Washington club that hit 48.6% in Game 1. It seems as if they were already somewhat successful against Wall and Bradley Beal in the opener, as the Wizards’ starting guards were held to 28% shooting. Wall looked frustrated on the sidelines, as Miller was in the game and making a difference.

One thing that GTB patrons know about the Wizards is that they at least have the mental toughness to play on the road. Indeed, there is, to an extent, more of a comfort level on the road (23-19 straight-up mark) than there is at the Verizon Center. Chicago is not a high-scoring team, and that might make it a bit easier for the Wizards to keep this tight. What will be most interesting to see is whether the Bulls can continue to take the guards off the three-point line, as they did in Game 1 (0-3 combined in the triples department). Well, the Wizards have shot only 56 three-pointers in the four meetings, but they have won three of them. So they have been doing enough from two-point range, apparently. Some NBA bettors would probably see this posted total (180 points) as something too low. We may be inclined to agree with them.

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